Building a generation of women in tech

Our Mission

The mission of young women in technology in Ghana is to facilitate, encourage and enable a significant increase in the participation of young women in higher education, by investing in the most talented young women who share a passion of becoming software developers and integrating them into the world’s best tech companies. Training young women at the tertiary level to develop professional skills in computer programming.

Through our strategic initiatives and purposeful integration with key institutions in Ghana, Young women in programming target tertiary young women, and thus preparing them to secure a lucrative position in the technology industry. Young women in programming is looking forward to train about 1,000,000 young women at the tertiary level to develop and acquire programming skills to help grow their own businesses and also solve problems of society through programming.

Our Skills

We have a combined skills in the following languages:





Meet Our Team

We are young and energetic group with passion to create the next generation tech women
  • Amina Yusif
    Amina Yusif Software Tutor
  • Abigail Opoku Darkwah
    Abigail Opoku Darkwah Programs Manager
  • Roxanne Mawunyo Akorley
    Roxanne Mawunyo Akorley CEO
  • George Zuure Kutomba
    George Zuure Kutomba Software Tutor
  • Belinda Twumwaa Hammond
    Belinda Twumwaa Hammond Support Staff
  • Jonathan Lawerh
    Jonathan Lawerh Software Tutor