We build developers from the basic level and incorporate them into the world's best tech companies

Access a continent of top talented tech women

Application Process

We have a competitive application process

Our students are placed in three categories

  1. Senior High School Applicants
  2. Tertiary Level Applicants
  3. Graduates

Senior High School Applicants join clubs that we run in their schools or closest schools. These students get monthly trainings from our team and they meet weekly to work on projects in school.

Tertiary Level Applicants join our programming society in their institutions and get training from our lead on campus. These students have access to mentors and get guidance on projects they are assigned to work. They also get training on leadership and how to prepare for life after school.

Graduates have access to a training course material which they would have to study on their own to prepare them for an examination. After the examination the successful students would then be taken through a six month training program where they would learn and apply new trends in software development to prepare them for the job market.

Result = Full-stack developers with expertise in:





Scale without the pain of scaling

Developing talents, retaining them and helping them grow is our specialty.

We placed high  value in providing the infrastructure that your developers need to be successful.

This ranges state-of-the-art logistics which includes laptops and high-speed internet speed.

How to Partner with Young Women in Programming

1. Evaluate

Our Engineers evaluate your organization’s structure and it’s technical needs and recommends a custom solution to help your team grow.

2. Choose

Based on the custom solution we offer your organization we choose the right developers based on their technical expertise your organization needs.

3. Integrate

We integrate our developers and they start contributing to the development of your systems supported by our senior technical team.


We send our developers to your organization to meet the team in-person between a period of two weeks to 1 month to build a working relationship with your team.